10th place, Adebayo Akinfenwa

The tenth place we have Schwarzenegger in the world of soccer.

The most pumped-up footballer in the world.
Due to his size, earned the nickname “the beast”. Akinfenwa at 180 cm weighs about 110 pounds and squeezes 200 pounds from the chest. At the same time, he is not bad with the ball, jumping high and scoring goals.

In 2017, the player became a Guinness World Record holder as the first player in the world to be voted the strongest player in FIFA six years in a row.

I’d be afraid to play with such a striker, he’d be crushed and wouldn’t notice.

9th place, Rodrigo Palacio

Rat’s tail.

The striker of Argentine origin, became famous for his well-known hair, similar to the “rat’s tail”.

The forward decided to keep this hairstyle when he cut his long hair early in his career. After the 2014 World Cup finals, the ponytail became a cause for ridicule for Rodrigo. But that didn’t deter him; for Palacio, the ponytail became a mascot that he never parted with to this day.

8th place, Taribo West

Colorful pigtails and superstition.

Nigerian footballer who played at the position of defender. Very superstitious player, often visited various shamans and sorcerers. Carried amulets with him and put them in his cleats and soccer uniform. At one training session, the coach asked West to play harder, to which the Nigerian defender ignored the coach’s request, and then explained “God told me not to do it. West also brought the coach a Bible, and said that it said that “Taribo is the star of Africa and therefore must always play.”

And, of course, the freak hairstyle – colorful pigtails.

Seventh place, Saadi Gaddafi.

Footballer, entrepreneur, politician and film producer.

Libyan striker and son of dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Started his career in his home country Libya. In his homeland he was easy to play, referees did everything to make the team win and of course to make him score more goals. The dictator’s son, who played for Al Ittihad, scored in every other game.

Saadi Gaddafi, decided to go to the next level and move to the Italian Serie A. Playing for clubs such as: “Udinese”, “Pescara” and “Perugio”. The Libyan striker couldn’t get a foothold in any of the clubs. But it was obvious that Italian managers were more attracted to Muammar Gaddafi’s purse than to the player himself.

6th place, Mario Balotelli

“Super Mario.”

The sixth spot undoubtedly goes to everyone’s favorite Mario Balotelli, who always had fun in interesting ways and was out of control.

Throwing darts at Man City’s youth team
From the second floor of the base, Mario was throwing darts at Man City’s youth team to play darts.

Couldn’t get his shirt on.
Mario agonized over his cassock for a long time, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Eventually, a team member helped him put it on.

Setting his own house on fire
On the eve of the Manchester derby, Mario and his friends were setting off fireworks through the bathroom window. First the curtain caught fire, and then the whole house.

Kicked with the heel on one-on-one contact
Balotelli went one-on-one with the goalkeeper and kicked with his heel past the goal. Citizens coach Mancini immediately replaced the striker.

5th place, Jimmy Bullard

King of Pranks.
After moving to Fulham, Jimmy wanted to melt the ice between him and his teammates. “I had only been at the club for four weeks and I wanted to tease the biggest guy in the locker room, Papa Bub Diop. As an unsuspecting Diop lay face down on the massage table, Jimmy snuck up on him and rubbed his crotch against his bald spot. Bullard said, “I put my balls on his forehead, and he was furious. He chased me round Fulham’s training ground for three days – he wanted to kill me.

In the summer of that 2006 pre-season Fulham went to Austria and stayed at the hotel where Real Madrid were staying. Bullard didn’t hesitate long to head straight to the bar to look for David Beckham and company. He took his mandolin and gave the Real Madrid players a mini-concert, beginning with a song about “Old MacDonald Who Had a Farm” and garnering a standing ovation.