Usik – Joshua rematch scheduled for July this year

Usik and Joshua are preparing for a rematch. Both boxers resumed full training sessions. In addition, the parties agreed on the date and place of the second fight.

Promoter Hearn said that the official announcement of the rematch will be made as soon as possible. At the moment, the fight is scheduled for July.

✍️ “It’s a big fight, we need to agree on all the terms. There will be an announcement in the near future where all the information will be revealed. For now, I can say that we are focused on July,” Hearn said on social media.

It’s worth noting that the fight has already been postponed several times. Initially, the rematch was supposed to take place in June 2022.

Let’s remind, the first meeting of boxers ended with a convincing victory of Usik by unanimous decision of judges

Fury’s fee is 5 times higher than Dillian White’s

Tonight was the night of the fight between Fury and White. Tyson scored another spectacular victory by defending his WBC championship belt. The Briton has officially announced that he is retiring from the boxing world.

Journalist Benson published the fees of the fighters. Fury earned $33,600,000 for the fight, including a $4,100,000 win bonus. White’s fee was more modest at $7,400,000.

Fury is not against the fight against Ngannou (UFC champion). Francis has agreed to the fight. The bout will have exhibition status and will be held under hybrid rules.

Recall, Fury knocked out White in the 6th round

Tyson Fury told why he decided to end his career

Fury once again confirmed that the fight with White will be the last fight of his career. This time Tyson has made a residual decision and has no plans to return to the ring.

“For some reason everyone thinks I’m continuing my career just to make money. But money is no longer the determining factor for me, I achieved everything I wanted. I don’t owe anybody anything, I proved everything I wanted.

Of course, everyone reproaches me with the money fights, that I have to continue, but that’s the end of it, even though no one believes me. My decision won’t affect my fight with White in any way, I’ll get in the ring and do my job,” Fury told Top Rank Boxing on YouTube.

Fury, 33, has had 32 fights in his career and has yet to know the bitterness of defeat. Tyson currently holds the WBC championship belt.

Fury upset his fans with his lackluster fitness at an open workout.