The mother of the boy whose phone was smashed by Cristiano Ronaldo is outraged at the lack of an apology.

“Any mention of his name makes my blood boil. He never gave me and my autistic son Jacob a proper apology. When he called me in April after it happened, he was just complaining.

I think he should have ended his career and given us all a break. Manchester United and the Portuguese national team have given up on him, and people are obviously starting to realize what kind of man he is.

He caused me and Jacob a lot of stress, and I was bullied because of it. The whole time we felt like criminals, not victims. It was never about the money, all I wanted was for him to apologize properly.

I never got any help from Manchester United or Everton. At least Everton could have arranged for Jacob to meet with the players, but we never heard anything. Jacob says he’d like a season ticket to Everton, but I told him he’d have trouble if I went with him, and if he went alone he’d have less chance of getting better.

I am very disappointed that Ronaldo is making so much money and showing off when the country is in crisis and people can’t even afford food. I wish he would just go away,” Sarah Kelly said.

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